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The Ohm Newspaper - Growth/Reception

We've been around for a short time, but even in that short period, The Ohm has made a significant impact on the College of Engineering and related departments.


The Ohm now boasts a staff of eight writers, three researchers, and two editors. As a result, the amount of content we can produce has increased exponentially -- easily filling our four page publication. In addition, we've started to distribute in surrounding, related departments (Math, Physics, ArchE, Nuclear, etc.). We've received an AMAZING response from these buildings, most of whom are excited to see The Ohm deliver more often!

Our publication has received both positive, and constructively negative feedback. All of the feedback has been useful and encouraging!

KSU Math:
"We like the focus of your resistance news and hope you will stayed focused on undergraduates and news that is interesting to undergraduates in the sciences, engineering, agronomy, and other research fields. Your news meets a long neglected need for K-State's undergraduate populations in the Natural Science and Mathematics as well as the needs of undergraduates in the Colleges of Agronomy, Architecture, and Engineering."

"I think it's fantastic. Some of the articles could use some grammatical revision, but it is a student paper (if I understand correctly) and is very well done considering. The clever 'wiring' borders on the print paper and the ease of navigability on the web version are just a few examples of the excellent attention to design and presentation. The chosen content articles and images are equally well picked and cater to a broad variety of tastes. In sum: great paper!"

Dr. Kuhn (Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering):
Just wanted to let you know I found today’s Ohm to be awesome. Great articles and a puzzle that made me question the laws of physics (or at least of conservation). Took about 15 or 20 minutes until I figured it out. Good job."

When polled, 97% of students in the College of Engineering want to see The Ohm as a PERMANENT addition to the college. Want to make this happen? Send an email to and let them know that they should fund this paper to keep it alive. We're willing to work hard for the student body, we simply need the financial support.